Msanzi Graders: South Africa’s New Qs
August 21, 2018
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For the SCA Board

My name is Mbula Musau, and I am seeking a petition nomination for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Board of Directors.

I have worked in coffee for almost 20 years, primarily as an educator and advocate for African coffee producers, cuppers, and traders. In fact, I was proud to be the very first Q Grader Instructor in Africa. I am the Founder and Director of Utake Coffee Limited, the first certified SCA Premier Teaching Campus in Africa with a resident Q
instructor and Approved SCA Trainer (AST). My work and leadership as a coffee professional has been focused on the sustainability of the specialty coffee sector in Africa, coffee education and empowerment, gender equity and fair participation in an industry we contribute to as a critically important coffee producing region.
I have been a member of SCA for several years and have been an active and avid promoter and implementer of SCA programs in Africa. Through my work, I brought these valuable resources to coffee farmers, government institutions, quality personnel, traders, roasters, retailers, baristas and marginalized groups, whom we depend on to ensure sustainability of  the coffee value chain. Among the programs I spearhead are the CQI’s Q Grader Courses, SCA
Courses, World Coffee Events competitions such as Barista Championships, Brewers Cup competitions, Latte Art competitions and both organizing and judging at regional, national, and international coffee cupping events.
I’ve worked closely with both governmental and non-governmental organizations in producing countries to increase their active involvement in specialty coffee production and promotion. I was thrilled to help establish Kenya as the SCA Portrait Country for the 2017 SCA Exposition and represent the beautiful diversity of the Kenyan coffee producer communities at that event in Seattle. I’ve also played a key role in establishing the International Women in Coffee Alliance (IWCA) chapters in Africa to enable women and youth in the coffee sector to have their voices heard.
I need your signature, as a current member of the SCA (including SCA guilds), to get my name added to the ballot as one of the nominees for this year’s board election, which will take place in November. If elected, I will help represent SCA members from around the world, with a special focus on representing Africa in all relevant issues and benefiting all stakeholders. This election represents a critical opportunity to create real diversity and equity in representation on the SCA Board, and with your help, we will truly make it better.
I will share much more on my work and vision for the SCA when we get to the election stage. I will also be seeking your vote come November 2018.
I write to request you to support my nomination to the SCA board by signing the petition at this link:
The form will ask for your first and last name, your SCA member number, and your email address.
Please put “Mbula Musau” for the nominee name and for the email.
Thank you for your support!

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